Where to find allies online

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***If you’ve created or are participating in a SuperBetter support or ally group, add a link to it in the comments!***

superbetter allies

Art by Finlay Cowan. http://www.superbetter.com

Social media

You can discover fellow players by searching for the hashtag #superbetter on social media networks, like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. (I’ve made a surprising number of virtual allies this way!)

#SuperBetter on Twitter

#SuperBetter on Instagram – search via Iconosquare ; #SuperBetter on Instagram – search via Websta

#SuperBetter on Tumblr

#SuperBetter on Pinterest

Discussion forums

There are also discussion forums and social media groups online for just about any challenge you can imagine. Not sure where to start? I’ve gathered links to popular forums and groups for the most common SuperBetter challenges. You may find it helpful to explain the SuperBetter method to others on the forum by sharing a link to the book, the online app, or the TED talk. Or post this image!


Addiction, recovery and rehab: Recovery.org community

Anxiety: Anxiety Forum, Anxiety and Depression Support Group on Facebook

Chronic Illness: Healingwell.com support forums have active communities for challenges like Chrohn’s, Fibromyalgia, migraines, Rheumatoid Athritis, and more

Depression: /r/depression 

Fitness and Weight Loss: My Fitness Pal forums, Fitocracy online community

IBS: IBS self help and support forums

LGBT support: Empty Closets forums

Mental health: Psychcentral Forums have active, thriving communities for BiPolar, Eating disorders, OCD, Self-injury and more

Parenting: /r/parenting, Mothering forums

Pregnancy and Babies: TheBump forumsBaby Center community


Running: Runner’s world forums

Social Anxiety: Social Anxiety Forum and Support

Support for anything and everything: Try supportgroups.com for support with everything from loneliness, stress and relationship challenges to anger management, pet loss, and grief

These are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless more out there, so if you don’t find what you need here, make it a quest to find one more today!

***If you’ve created or are participating in a SuperBetter support or ally group, add a link to it in the comments!***

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