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Welcome, SuperBetter readers! This is where you’ll find all those bonus secret resources I promised you in the book… enjoy!

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Science Updates

The field of scientific research on games and play is advancing quickly. Check back here often for new studies on the relationship between games and increased mental, emotional, social and physical resilience. Get science updates here.


An inventory is a survey that has been designed to measure a specific psychological trait or experience, such as optimism, anxiety, courage, depression, or life satisfaction. Inventories are typically subject to rigorous scientific testing, to ensure that they effectively measure what they claim to be measuring. As you tackle your challenges gamefully and build up your strengths, you may wish to have access to some of these same powerful measurement tools. Typically, the most rigorously tested inventories are hard to find outside of scientific journals. However, to help you get access to these important resources, I’ve gathered up all of the publicly inventories here that I think will be most potentially useful to you on your SuperBetter journey. Get the inventories here.

Where to find SuperBetter allies online

You can start recruiting allies today—online. There are discussion forums and social media groups online for just about any challenge you can imagine. Not sure where to start? I’ve gathered links to popular forums and groups for the most common SuperBetter challenges. You can also discover fellow players by searching for the hashtag #superbetter on social media networks, like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. (I’ve made a surprising number of virtual allies doing that!) Get suggestions for where to find SuperBetter allies online.

The science behind SuperBetter

Here you’ll find links to all the scientific articles and books referenced in SuperBetter: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient — Powered by the science of games. These are more than 500 of my favorite scientific studies and books about post-traumatic growth, the psychology and neuroscience of games, the relationship between a gameful mindset and better health and happiness, and everything else that’s superbetter. Get the references here.

Create your own Secret Headquarters

… and of course, remember that you can create your own secret headquarters to collect your power-ups, battle bad guys, recruit allies and track your quests at SuperBetter online at www.superbetter.com

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