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SNEAK PREVIEW! This page is a resource for readers of my new book, SuperBetter: A Revolutionary Approach to Getting Stronger, Happier, Braver and More Resilient—Powered by the Science of Games by Jane McGonigal (Penguin Press, September 15, 2015).

Art by Finlay Cowan. www.superbetter.com

Art by Finlay Cowan. http://www.superbetter.com

The field of scientific research on games and play is advancing quickly. Check back here often for new studies on the relationship between games and increased mental, emotional, social and physical resilience.

January 2015

Why it’s hard to empathize with strangers… and why videogames can help

“Stress from the presence of strangers reduces people’s ability to empathize, a new study finds. However, just 15 minutes of playing a video game together (in this case, the cooperative music game Rock Band) is enough to overcome this barrier and allow strangers to empathize with each other.” Read a summary, or read the full scientific paper! “Reducing social stress elicits emotional contagion of pain in mice and human strangers

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