“The game that can add 10 years to your life”

“Gaming can make a better world”

The best hope we have for surviving the next century on this planet? Games. In this 20-minute TED talk, I explain why we need to achieve 21 billion hours of online gaming a week by the year 2020. That’ll be just an hour a day, every day, for half of the people on Earth…

On the Colbert Report

In which I attempt to convince Stephen Colbert that playing games is the single most productive way we can spend our time.

“Blissful Productivity”

Throw out your to-do lists. This 45-minute School of Life sermon proposes a radically gameful way to get the most out of each day.

“How a game saved my life”

In 2009, I suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. I was more hopeless than I had ever been in my life. Then I turned it into a game. This 5-minute Ignite video explains all…

“Awakening is an Epic Win???”

In my hour-long keynote at the first ever Buddhist Geeks conference, I explore the connections between game design and Buddhist practices, from Boddhisatva training to meditation.

“Gamers tackle the world’s most urgent challenges”

7 minutes live on CNN news! This was a major epic win for me — and for the EVOKE game, which officially became the first alternate reality game in the genre’s ten-year history to make it on to live national news.

How to Thank the World: Oprah’s Thank You Game

Filming at the Oprah Winfrey Network with my twin sister Dr. Kelly McGonigal was an adventure we’ll never forget!

Games & Connectivity – a Long Now conversation

I had the great fun and honor of participating in the Long Conversation, an epic relay of 16 one-on-one conversations among San Francisco’s greatest geek minds over 6 hours; I actually got to close the event with the final two conversations!  Want to watch the whole conversation? It’s on Fora TV: A conversation about connectivity.

New Games – a Long Now conversation

The biggest influence on my becoming a game designer? Playing new games when I was 8 years old. It was an epic moment for me to get to interview the founder of the movement 25 years later about the movement’s juicy origins. Watch it on Fora TV: “Saving the real world together with new games” 

The BoingBoing interview Part 1 and 2:

During the Game Developers Conference, I stopped by Boing Boing TV to talk with Xeni Jardin about all things gameful. The best part? Wearing giant Katamari Damacy heads  and dancing. ^_^

“Saving the World Through Game Design”

This talk changed my life: it marked the moment I had the idea to write Reality is Broken,  and I met my literary agent after he saw a photograph of me in The New Yorker promoting the conference. If you’re curious to see the seeds of Reality is Broken, back when it was all a jumbled mess of big ideas in my brain, watch the 20-minute New Yorker talk & interview.

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