Avatar study!

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2018 at 1:19 pm

Help SuperBetter at Work understand the connection between the art and words we love, and our own personal strengths. Take this five-minute survey… (LINK COMING LATER TODAY!) it’s fun and you’ll be a part of the first study of its kind!Bamboo_AvatarButterfly_AvatarClairvoyantV2DragonElf_AvatarFaceless_GuideV2Fire_SpiritInitiatorV2Joe_AvatarLeader_AvatarMageMoon_AvatarMountain_AvatarNymphae_AvatarOrigami_Heart_AvatarPlant&DemonRainbow_AvatarRockySacky_AvatarShamanV2ShidoShroom_AvatarSilent_GuideV2Stone_Statue&The_Wisdom_SpiritStoryTellerSun_AvatarTornado_AvatarTotemV2TravelerTree_Avatar

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