Win private coaching, a custom secret identity, and more

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I’m giving away a LOT of cool rewards to everyone who preorders my new book. Here’s how it works:

STEP ONE: Preorder my new book.

(Just click here: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble online,  Indiebound)

STEP TWO: Fill out this 30-second form!

Here’s what you’ll get:

EVERYONE WINS three awesome rewards: 

1. a signed book plate with a handwritten message from me

2. VIP access to a private Google hangout/online chat, where I will answer all your questions about ANYTHING YOU WANT!

3. a secret code for a brand new SUPERBETTER power pack full of quests, power-ups and bad guys that will ONLY be available to people who pre-order the book. (Download the power pack on the SuperBetter.com website or app)

You will also be entered to win a few really special rewards…

* your own custom SUPERBETTER adventure, designed by ME for YOU: tell me what challenge you want to tackle or a change you want to make, and I will work with SuperBetter’s science advisors to create a totally personalized set of quests, power-ups and bad guys JUST FOR YOU (1 winner)

* a brand new secret identity that I invent for you, based on a “signature strengths” and a “hero dream team” quest that you and I will do together (2 winners)

* a private online SUPERBETTER coaching session with Jane, via Google Hangout or Skype! (3 winners)

(If you win, you can keep the prize or give it to anyone you want… make someone’s day by helping them get superbetter!)

Remember: 1. Pre-order the book. 2. Fill out this form. YOU WIN!

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